THE PROMISE IS TRUE and is getting fulfilled in us!

The only thing that will bring order to this chaos, will take a victory from this defeat and will make this dying phoenix be reborn from the ashes of defeat will be Me and My Word. (1) From the death of the Old, the New will sprout!

(: Jesus speaking :) While there is life, there is always hope. I know that when you look around you do not see life; you only see death and the embers and ashes of what was. How will life come out of such a great destruction, of such a great burning, of such a great sin?

However, it is now how much you must have hope, for even in this great burning I extend the hand of hope. At this moment you only feel the burning and stinging that the smoke and the stench of your sins cause in your eyes. This is a great burning and cleansing of your sins and disobedience, but from these ashes not only will sprout growth and renewal, but also a great victory. Indeed, glory will sprout from these ashes of defeat.

You will feel inclined to think that nothing can grow from these ashes, that because of the enormous weight and depth of these ashes it is impossible for life to sprout, that this great sin and burning offers no hope of resurrection. But I promise you that even from these ashes will sprout victory and even this burning has a more sublime purpose. A magnificent and extensive forest has been razed by fire. The tall, majestic and imposing trees that rose with such magnificence have been reduced to ashes and coal. However, even when a large and ancient forest is razed by fire, it always grows back and new life always sprouts again, even if at first it is slowly.

That same rebirth will occur after the great burning of the old work ... It will be reduced to ashes, and in the beginning the devastation will seem overwhelming, since only the destruction and smoke of the fire will be seen rising up to the heavens.

But the only way for the new to emerge is the death of the old. It must be a total death, a complete burning, so that My perfect plan is established and fulfilled.

I can only allow new life to sprout, young and energetic trees that are small in their own eyes, that crave the light and spread towards it at all times in order to grow well with authentic spiritual strength, always facing the light and concentrating on it. When the old is burned and forgotten, when the tall and proud trees that eclipsed what was under them cease to exist, the sprouts can receive light without obstruction. There is nothing that prevents them from seeing it; nothing stops them, because everything old ceases to exist. All that remains is the light from above, and it is enough for them to turn their faces towards it to grow rapidly.

I will prepare, therefore, to build and create a new forest, a new work, and I will make young trees arise, those who are worthy of being called My disciples and those who love me and desire Me, My Words and My light above all. This will grow these little ones. In this way they will flourish, prosper and be found faithful, having only the fertile land of My Word beneath them. There will be nothing left but the truth of My Word. Through this dispossession, I will reactivate My Wife ... so that it reaches all the possibilities to which it is destined and carries all the fruit it is destined to bear. This will fulfill My promises and My Word. This experience will cause a great revival and great astonishment among all My children. It will motivate great silence and instill great respect and reverence for My Word to My children around the world, who have dropped the healthy respect and fear of Me and My Word to the edge of the road. It will generate great changes and repentance in the hearts of many and bring them back to the foundation; Me and My Word.

Thus a beautiful new forest will be created from the ashes of the old. Take hold of that hope, for it is firmly rooted in that I have a more sublime purpose for all this; one purpose Even if you don't see it now, it is on the horizon anyway and it will manifest its glorious face if My wayward children turn to Me and seek me urgently. So cheer up, My loves. They remain My loves and My wives. But the promise that I punish everyone I love and discipline everyone I receive as a child is true. All this is part of the love I have for you, this discipline has a purpose. I promise you that this purpose will be fulfilled as long as great repentance is found in your heart and spirit and as long as you do not depart from the path of repentance and obedience. (End of Jesus message.) (1) CM # 3448: 223 (2) CM # 3455: 259-267, 270-287

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"Those who are willing to fight and struggle through the land of change... are those who inherit the promises and see the fulfillment of theyr labors." --- MF.

Il Libro dell'Apocalisse Decodificato -- The Book of Revelation Decrypted