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The Book of Revelation decrypted.
One of the most Difficult books of the Bible "Decrypted"! A one by one verse study of The Book of Revelation wich reveal the events wich have to pass before Jesus Christ's Return!
Running toward a Cashless Society. The End of Money as we know it.
Earthquakes, social economical crisis, the fall of the Monetary system of exchange between the Nations of the world, Sars, Coronavirus, and other Global Crisis, shall asher in the end of Money as we know it.

666 Awareness.
Are you aware of The Signs of the times wich lead the world toward 666, the number of the Beast, or, as is more communally known, The Mark of The Beast...
The Atomic Generation: the Last Generation?
Have you ever felt like if you have been loaned your time? Have you ever felt that "you have 10 Minutes to go!" ... ?

Daniel 2
The Book of the prophet Daniel chapter 2, a verse by verse study, of the greatest historic world's Empire, till the Return of Jesus Christ!
Considering the Litle Horn
Considerations on The Litle Horn described by the prophet Daniel, wich will rise to power in the Last World Empire, or the Rise of the Antichrist One World Government of the Last Days before the estabiliscment of God Kingdom on Earth, with the Return of Jesus!

What it mean to be a disceple of Jesus today?
Is still possible today, to live the same standard of dedication that the first belivers lived? Is still possible today for The Body of Belivers to do "mightyer works then He", and still be the force of change that they where in the biginning?
The Coming Persecution for all Religions!
Does the world learned to respect minorities, and stand for the right of the persecuted? Today, persecution of all kinds is sweepinig the world as we witnessed after the Holocaust of the Jews by the Nazis! Will the world learn to live in "peace and love" without Racial or Religiouse hate?

Our Team
Me, Tommy, with my Brazilian friends, a Team of super dedicated Christians, that want to make a difference, making the world a better place. Our Vision for TFC Project!
Our project
TFC, The Family Consortium's project in a nutshell!

Empowering people to be what they can be
Anyone is needed here! Noone should feel excluded or "Blocked out" becouse of theyr way of thinking or becouse of the way they present theyr points of view! We strongly belive in giving "Power to the people of Jesus"! So anyone that belive, can be, here with us, a strong hard nut for the enemie of our Souls! The Enemie is not your Brother, but ... someone else!...
Children the future
As the say goes: The hand that handle the cradle, handle the future! How true, our children should be our strong testimony for the future to come. The Future they will live in, is in our hands today, and we can make a difference in how they will find it, if we influence them for the Better possible scenario!

Consider The Poor, is one of our main missionary activity. We belive that taking a stand for the right of the underprivileged, is an asset to make a better place out of the area of the world where we live! Donate or take action in our Mission to help better the life of the poor...
I go to prepare a place for you...
Gv 14:2 In my Father's house are many mansions: if it were not so, I would have told you. I go to prepare a place for you. Gv 14:3 And if I go and prepare a place for you, I will come again, and receive you unto myself; that where I am, there ye may be also.

Fellowship Areas
Fellowships and meetings, are under attack! We strongly belive, that no matter the conditions or the impossible situations in wich we live, that is still possible to meet! Be it via meetings in churches, or in seminaries, or in hotels area or at home via web conferences, that we can do it, and still be an inspiration to eac other, if we keep the web, a "Free Meeting Area"!
Our Community
Our Community, is not only a Social Media Web-Based Network, but is made of real people wich met in the real world to accomplish the Mission that our project founder has outlined for all the ones that volunteered to be members of it.

Consider the disadvantaged
Now, belive me, an handicap can be a great asset to anyone! What if I told you ... about Beethoven, what if I told you ... about Mozart? What if I told you... about you? if we keep the web, a "Free Meeting Area"!
The Power of Love
You will recive power, when the Holy Ghost is upon you...


Il Libro dell'Apocalisse Decodificato -- The Book of Revelation Decrypted