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Canale Consigliato.

Playing For Change.


Joining our Community has just a few simple but not impossible to observe so called "Rules". The Rules are just suggested not imposed, and implie some comportamental actions done inside the Community & Fellowship. We have divided "The Family Consortium's project" in 10 Areas of the world for a convenient reference to all that wish of theyr own accord and will as volunteers, to be part of the fellowship. We are suggesting a "New Way" of interaction between Members, that want before everything else, to fellowship and do meetings in the areas where they reside to achive The Mission of The Family. Those Facebook groups, [ the 10 Areas ] are just a reference and a "service" to the whole Community. That entails that enyone that will partecipate has the willingness to do things concerning the Mission, under the Sun and openly for the Whole world to see! As Jesus sayd: Matthew 5:14-16 Ye are the light of the world. A city setting on a hill cannot be hid, Let your light shine before men, so that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father in the heavens. and therfore, as such we cannot be hiden and remain unseen! Therfore, the vision here, is to use the Social Network, as a platform... to achive the Mission's Goals, and "Do greater works for Jesus then ever before"! Here we can feel free to post Testimonies, to use it as a mean of Communication, for greater Fellowships, to exchange ideas, personnel, talents, to share materials, and whatever New ideas The Lord may inspire us to implement! We can post our pics and Photos of our "works" and be upfront, without being afraid of "bigbrother"! We want to be of help to our Communities, where we reside, and are working to do so, therfore, doing good we have nothing to fear in letting "Our Litle light to shine", and give light where light is needed! if you do not want to be upfront, stay undercover, and do your witness, undercover. These is a place for the ones that want to be Heros, for the ones that want to Die as Martyrs as the Two Witnesses, the Christian Prophets of The End!

Holier then thou?
Our Community, stand for the opposit! We have some things wich are in favor, and some things that we are against and do not approuve. One thing to wich we are against is the attitude that is commonly sweeping throgh many Christian Churches, in wich some Churches belive they are the so called "Elects" and look down at other Christians retaining themself "Holier then those underdogs"! If you join our Community, then that attitude to look down at your Brother or your sister, shouldn't be there! You should strive instead to be "Inclusive" of your other brother in the Faith, as Paul sayd. You should retain that Christ has given his life for you and your Brother and sister, therfore they are part of God's Family, as much as you! As belivers, we are members of eac other, as Paul put it. Just becouse you are not a hand, that doesn't mean that I, being a ear, am not part of "The Body of Belivers"! If you are more Spiritual, you should include the week member in your Fellowship to help him up, to raise his standard, not to condemn him, but to lovingly lead him to an higher ground of service to others and to Jesus!

The Forum's Community linked to our our Web-Site, has been created to give you, the partecipant, the freedom to make, as it is possible by the platform... new friends, conctacts, and More! Subscibing to the Forum in one of the 10 Areas in wich is divided, is a free act and choice, and you are free to live it whenever you want! It is a personal responsability, of wich you are aware, to entratein personal interactions and the way this is done with other ones wich are member of the Forum. All the interpersonal relations inside the Forum between Members, is a personal responsability, and therfore, whatever comes out of it good or bad, is considered by the Founders, a personal responsability wich cannot be endorsed on the Team or Founders! Membership to our [ Forum ] is free, it is a Non-Profit Forum, this means also that in no case the Founders will ask any Money-Payement to be members of it.

The Forum's Ten Commandments:

Your Subscription, & your Visibility to Members inside and outside the Forum's Membership, is the proufe of the acceptance of those simple 10 Rules: [1] [ The Subscription to the Forum ] implie the acceptance from the subscriber of the "Declaration of Non-Responsability" for what and can happen, and the consequences from the partecipation to the Forum.

[2] In no way, the Team that have Founded the Forum should be retained liable and/or Responsible of the personal acts and actions achived by any partecipant toward another one! Even if from the partecipation to the Forum from those actions could anyone of the partecipant be damaged in any way!

[3] The partecipants, are responsible personally of theyr own actions.

[4] Whatever results, or fruit will come out from your partecipation to the Forum, good or bad watsoever, will be considered resulting from and to your partecipation and actions! We strongly belive in giving the Credit to whom credit has to be given to!...

[5] The Forum, is instituited as a Network, to create fellowship among it's Members "as it is", on facebook, the Social Network used by Millions of individuals worldwwide! So anyone must keep in mind, that is possible that from the partecipation to the Forum, there can be sometime problems, derived by the programming of the platform itself, non derivant from the Team that created the 10 Groups in wich is divided the project!

[6] Therfore, You partecipate at your own risk!

[7] Our Team do not garanties the perfect functioning of the Forum on Facebook, neither the observance of the "Rules" and or "Terms" by the partecipants. Therfore, if you do not want to access the Forum, becouse you prefere to do not so, or becouse you may thinks that you will be demaged by it, do not subscribe!

[8] The Forum, is like a "Bridge", made as a service to the Community's partecipants residing in theyr own respective Areas. The Forum is created as a Bridge to achive unity through fellowship and friendship. The Forum is not a Wall meant to "Divide" and bring "Division between the partecipants". The Forum is an open space and area in wich anyone interact freely, and create his own friends and conctacts. We hope and pray, that those partecipants will get only beneficial results and may help make theyr Area of the world a better place!

[9] We wish that you will create "Virtually" and "on real ground", new friends, new conctacts, that will make your life better and happier then ever before, serving with them others and Jesus implementing his words that Commanded us, His disciples, to "Love eac other"! So, you have the freedom of choice, to chouse, with whom to interact! That is only under your personal responsability, according to your abilities & personal choice.

[10] You yourself are the one that forge your partecipation to the Forum here created! Your partecipation to it, Its only under your own responsability!

[ For whatever non pubblished or expressed here ] We recommend the partecipation to our Fellowships and or to keep in mind that Rules and Policy can change or be updated without notice.

Our Team, wish you all the Best!

Notable quote...

"Those who are willing to fight and struggle through the land of change... are those who inherit the promises and see the fulfillment of theyr labors." --- MF.

Il Libro dell'Apocalisse Decodificato -- The Book of Revelation Decrypted